IT’S 8:00 am here in La Paz and I am starting my first day at Hospital del Niño. I am feeling a mix of excitement and uncertainty. What will I see? Will I know what is going on? What will they expect of me? My main goal is to learn, to watch, and to absorb everything. The language is what is most important to me now and the knowledge of medicine will come in the future as I make my way through medical school.

I have my black sweater pulled over a blue button up with some khakis pants and vans on my feet. i am sure all of the medical students and residents will be wearing their scrubs to clinic but I have yet to earn mine. Hopefully with their help and my constant prying for information I will be able to gain some clinical knowledge and know a bit more by the time I start medical school. If anything it will be my motivation to enter the world of medicine and work my ass off so I can continue to make trips like this one and make a positive impact on this great big world.

So today I step into a new world and a new chapter. A world of science, evidence, and reason. A world of learning and teaching. And a world that will be mine for the rest of my life.