A clown entertains the children on the oncology ward at Hospital del Niño. Many of these kids are very sick and are not going to get better. It is very common for children to arrive at oncology for treatment extremely late due to the lack of education and unwillingness to pay for treatment by the parents. This leads to many kids dying from treatable cancers as well unnecessary amputations and deformations. Also, many of these kids have very long stays for treatment in La Paz. Their parents are unable to stay because they have other children to take of and cannot afford to take time off work, so many times they are left alone for months at a time with only the hospital staff to keep them company.  Resources are also very limited in Bolivia. There are some foundations that provide payment for children who are unable to afford treatment, but to qualify you cannot have any genetic predisposition for cancer; which makes children high risk and less likely to survive their cancer.