It amazes me how a random little hospital in a remote part of the world can become a place you feel comfortable. I had only been in La Paz for two months and waking along the streets, over the bridge, buying my breakfast at the fruteria, and into Hospital del Niño became a ritual that I did every morning. The staff who had been so kind and patient with us Americans greeted us in the mornings. After the trip to Oruro with the local residents, even they were happy to get to know us and give us a call to go out on the town.

When I left I did not feel like I was leaving for long. Being a pre-med student around the medical students and residents showed me that this was a part of my life I can continue into my practicing days. I was exposed to all that I saw and learned all that I did so that I could return later on and continue to better myself and the world I am a part of.